What Sets Us Apart

Our Mission

As a pediatric dental team, we strive to cultivate a welcoming environment built on a foundation of kindness and respect. Our primary goal is to make every child feel at ease, while delivering the highest standard of individualized, uncompromised care.

Creating Lifetimes of Healthy, Happy Smiles, One Child at a Time!

At Delaware Pediatric Dentistry, our doctors and team members will welcome your child and you with warmth, and treat you both with respect and kindness.

We are proud to be known for caring for our patients as family: professionally and attentively, always concerned about their physical and emotional well-being.

We are attentive to parents too. Whether answering questions about treatment, accommodating a busy schedule, or addressing an emergency, we want to gain your trust and confidence.

Making Dental Visits Fun!

  • Starting the moment your son or daughter walks through the door, we make sure the patient has an amazing dental experience! From the “kids only” door to the friendly animals throughout the office and the Disney+ movies to watch during treatment, we want your child to love it here — and to love it so much he or she can’t wait to come back!
  • Early dental experiences make a lasting impression and affect a person’s feelings about their oral health well into adulthood. At Delaware Pediatric Dentistry, we are dedicated to ensuring only positive, nurturing, worry-free visits for your child, so everyone grows up with great oral health and the knowledge and confidence needed to maintain their smile once grown!
  • As pediatric dentists, we specialize in treating children with special needs.  We provide every child with a thoroughly personalized experience, taking all the time needed to gain their trust and ensure their comfort. This includes attentive, compassionate care for individuals with special health care needs. We have a separate room for those with sensory needs who need a quiet place to relax, we provide weighted blankets, sunglasses, and headphones to those children who need them, and have special techniques to ease the anxiety.  

  • We have a No Cavity Kids Club for kids without a cavity during their  checkup.  Every quarter, kids in the No Cavity Kids Club will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. We are very active on social media and have fun contests and drawings periodically for our patients.  

Education and Prevention

Dental disease is one of the top chronic health issues in children. Untreated cavities can lead to problems with eating, speaking, learning, and playing, as well as have a negative impact on a child’s self-esteem. Likewise, research shows that children with poor oral health often miss more school and receive lower grades than those who don’t.

Our doctors and team are passionate about helping families establish good oral hygiene practices and a healthy diet. With useful, practical education, and lots of support reinforced with praise, encouragement, and prizes(!), we will help your child develop and keep his or her healthiest smile!

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Everyone at Delaware Pediatric Dentistry looks forward to welcoming your child and you to our family. Please contact our office to learn more and schedule your child’s next dental visit today!

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